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Travel with Sang Kee

  • Sang Kee has a long-established reputation for excellent quality and reliable service.

  • Safety is our major concern. Our goal is to deliver all our customers to their respective destinations safely.

  • All our buses are equipped with real-time GPS for easy tracking.

  • We provide 24 hours emergency hotline service to rest assure all our customers are well taken care of.​​


60 / 65 / 70 seater Bus

27 / 28 seater Bus

Hourly Rate (Min. 3 hrs)*

HK$1500 First 3 hours

HK$350 per hour

Hourly Rate (Min. 3 hrs)*

HK$1100 First 3 hours

HK$250 per hour

7 seater V-class

5 seater mercedes benz

Hourly Rate (Min. 3 hrs)*

HK$1100 First 3 hours

HK$350 per hour

Hourly Rate (Min. 3 hrs)*

HK$2300 First 3 hours

HK$300 per hour

*  Toll Charges, Bridge Fee, Tunnel Fee, and Parking Fee are not included for hourly rate service
** Charges applicable from Monday to Saturday, between 09:00, am to 19:00 pm
** Additional charges may apply from 07:00 am to 09:00 am and from 19:00 pm to 23:00 pm: HK$200 per coach
** All rates are for reference only, please call +(852) 2741 6868 or email info@skbus.com for quotation.

About Us

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About Us

Sang Kee Tourist Bus Limited was founded in 1970. Over the past 50 years, Sang Kee has exceeded customers’ expectations on their changing demands for transportation needs, providing services for a wide range of customers including corporations, schools, factories, government, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

With all these extensive and extraordinary experiences, Sang Kee has now become one of the most preferred, professional, and reliable coach companies servicing Hong Kong.

Sang Kee also provides limousine service for business as well as hotel and airport pickup up. You can choose from our Mercedes-Benz 7 Seater van or the S Class for a luxurious ride. We have a wide selection of vehicles for our customers to choose from.

Customer service

Well-trained customer service representatives can speak fluent English, Putonghua, and Cantonese to serve our world-wide customers with prompt and accurate responses. To provide better service to all our customers, we have a portable Wi-Fi router for our customers to use during their journey with Sang Kee.  Be sure to ask for availability.

Our Elite Customer

We Care

Safety is our major concern.  Our goal is to deliver our customers to their respective destinations safely and on time.

If you are traveling with kids, we have car seats available for vehicles below 8 seaters with no extra charge.  Let us know when you make the reservation with us.

Other than the government compulsory annual checkup, Sang Kee schedules each coach for an additional half-yearly checkup, including but not limited to the Brake System, Seat Belt, Emergency Exist, etc.  All these additional checkups are to ensure all our coaches are in excellent condition to provide services to our customers.

To improve roadside air quality and better protect public health, Sang Kee, as a leading private coach company, largely reduced the Pre-Euro IV coaches to less than 25% in our fleet during 2016, and targets to change all coaches to Euro V and Euro VI.


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